5 Tips Remove Age Spots In One Month

Age spots are a common problem among women and men. Age spots are liver spots that can be found it on your face arms, hand and even of your backs.There are many reasons can cause age spots, such as the excessive sun exposure nutritional deficiencies, hormonal activity... Age spot mostly develops on seniors and also can be seen in young, actually, people of all ages will have this skin problem. Don't worry about age spots which are not harmful to your skin, only make your skin to lose its beauty. I collect some tips to help you get rid of age spot in one month

Most age spots on arms care caused by sun exposure. So you should apply some good sun block cream or lotion 30 minutes before you going out. If you do not like to apply skin care products, wear long-sleeved clothes, use umbrellas and sunglasses to protect your skin.

If you already have age spots on arms, face and shoulders, you could use aloe vera creams or vitamin E creams to lighten it. You may also apply to the natural aloe vera which was extracted from the fresh aloe leaves. Make sure you have read the manual of the age spot creams or asked your dermatologist.

Buttermilk also can be applied on age spots. They can lighten your age spot in one month if you do it regularly.

Hydrogen peroxide is also effective in treating age spots. The hydrogen peroxide which is easy to get and do not need to spend a lot of money is very effective in removing age spot and sun spots.

If you want to get rid of your age spots, you can follow these 5 tips, whatever the way you use, success belongs to the persevering.