How to use hydrogen peroxide for age spot

We all know that age spot could happen on face,on arms, age spot can be caused by many resons such as sun exposure, unhealthy habits. When it come to your face, your will lose your beauty and Self-confidence.It will affect your life and work.

Hydrogen peroxide are very common,hydrogen peroxide you may have in your home as a disinfectant is most likely only 3 percent. Dr. Karen Burke is a dermatologist and research scientist.(She is on the faculty of the Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center and of the Department of Medicine at Cabrini Medical Center.). She recommends using hydrogen peroxide on small age spots for an inexpensive, over-the-counter treatment. She advises using 12 percent hydrogen peroxide,the food grade hydrogen peroxide. 

How to use hydrogen peroxide for age spot?  You must know where the age spot first,they are differernt from ohter brown marks on your skin. They are flat,light to dark brown or black areas that result from incresaed pigmentaion, their edges are rarely uniform in appearance.Hydrogen peroxide could damage any colored surface it touches because it has strong oxidation. 

 The best way Dr.Burke suggest using a cotton swab, dipped in the proxide. Do not apply too much,apply it to a spot to see how your skin reacts.If you think you can go on, then reapply it on your age spot, pushing in slightly with the swab.When you have absorbed too much liquid on the tip of the cotton swab, you may drip down onto to your face so be do not absorbed too much liquid.Repeat this once very three day for several weeks. 

You may feel a slight burning sensation for up to 10 mintures after you have applied the hydrogen peroxide to you age spot.This is a normal and no cause for concern.Spot may appear to white up to about 4 hours, after th white begins to fade, the spot may become pink or red for several days.Spot to scab over for a few more days an then it should fall off itself.Remeber do not pick these scabe by hands, or you will not see the full effect.