5 Tips Get Rid of Age Spots From Face In One Month

Age spots also known as liver spots seem to be a common problem among men and women. These are brown colored patches, you can find it on your face, arms and hand even back of your backs if you stand before a mirror. They are caused by the excessive sun exposure  nutritional Deficiencie,Hormonal Activity and so on.  People of all ages will have this problem. Though they mostly develop on seniors, but they also can be seen in young . Don't worry about it. They make your skin lose its beauty. Here are some tips to get rid of age spots in 1 month:

* Age spots on arms are very common. Most of Them are caused by sun exposure. So you must apply some good sun block lotion or cream whenever you go out. Apply it 30 minutes before going out in sun. Or wear Long-sleeved clothes. Also use umbrellas and sunglasses to protect your self.

* Age spots on arms, face and shoulders can be lightened by using the aloe vera creams or vitamin E creams. You must apply them carefully. You may also apply the natural aloe vera that has been extracted from the fresh aloe leaves.Ask your dermatologist before using creams.

* You may apply some butter milk on these age spots. It is also beneficial in lightning the skin on arms thereby help you become beauty again.

*  Simply put a drop of castor oil(you can buy at health foods store) on the spot at night before going to bed and rubbed it slightly. These age spots would disappear or lighten in one month if you do it regularly.

* Hydrogen peroxide is also effective in treating the age spots on arms, face and shoulders. The hydrogen peroxide is very effective in removing age and sun spots Is very easy and you do not need to spend a lot of money. Is important to apply the hydrogen peroxide every night until the spots have gone.I try this about 2 weeks, then age spot disapper

If you want to get rid of your age spot,you can follow this 5 tips, whatever the way you use,success belongs to the persevering.