Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Spots Naturally

Hydrogen peroxide which is a liquid oxygen that as natural as you can get will sanitize and deodorize by killing the microorganisms. Hydrogen peroxide will also eliminate organic staining from coffee, wine, tea, vomit, urine and so on.

But at first, you should know hydrogen peroxide can be used on synthetic carpet fiber only. Hydrogen peroxide cannot be used on wool rugs, silk, or cotton fibers. You can check the tags that behind fibers to see which type of your fiber.

In order to have the best chance of stain removal, there are a few steps. If you had a large spill of coffee, tea, wine or organic drink, uses cold water and blot with a towel. This will transfer most of the staining liquid to the towel, and dilute the drink.
With a few steps, you can have the best effect on removing spots. If there is a larger spill of tea, coffee, wine or organic drink, you can blot it by a towel with cold water. This step will transfer most of the staining liquid to the towel.You can be liberal with spraying, just do not use your hands to spread around, or your hand will be attacked and turned white temporarily by the peroxide. I like to use my shoe, but you can use rubber gloves. Once you spray, and agitate, you can simply leave it to do its work naturally. This same method is recommended for other types of organic spills, but if it is animal feces, then you must clean up as much as you can (vacuum), subsequently use the peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide, will dry neutral and not leave any residue behind. It is safe to use full strength on synthetic carpet, and will not bleach or dye the carpet.

Besides medical and dental use, hydrogen peroxide has other numerous uses such as cleaning hard water spots in sinks and showers. So take advantage of hydrogen peroxide which is a good thing.