Hydrogen Peroxide On Removing Molds

Hydrogen peroxide which chemical formula is H2O2 can do a lot of things, such as get rid of age spot, treat and clean wounds, clean and whiten teeth, clear out waxy build up in the ears, treat mouth sores.

One of the most boring household chores is removing molds which are fungi that grow everywhere, indoors and out doors. They thrive in damp and humid place that such as bathroom, under the kitchen sink, basement in the house. Mold can cause numerous health problems. For some sensitive people, inhaling molds or coming in contact with molds can trigger an allergic reactions even cause an asthma attack. Also molds can cause fungal infections and irritations to the skin, nose, throat and lungs. So, it is important to remove molds in your home.

Hydrogen peroxide which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen is the best on removing molds.Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach and oxidizer and appears as a clear liquid. It is widely used as disinfectant and antiseptic.

How to remove molds using hydrogen peroxide, you need gather all the thing below first:
Spray bottle, Brush, Vinegar, paper towels, sponge, Soft cloths, laundry detergent, space heater, dehumidifier.

The first step:
Add one part hydrogen peroxide and three parts waters to a spray bottle, mix them well. Although hydrogen peroxide is a natural product. It is especially necessary to dilute the hydrogen peroxide in water, because bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide could damage the surface that you are trying to clean.

Next, spray the mold-infested area and the entire surface with your hydrogen peroxide solution. Let it stand for about 10 minutes and then scrub the surface using a firm-bristle brush. Rinse the entire surface with warm water and then dry it with paper towels.

The second step:
Spray hydrogen peroxides solution on the mold-infested area and the entire surface. Wait about 10 minutes then scrub the surface with a brush. Rinse the surface with tepid water and then dry it.

When you clean the moldy wooden objects, spare hydrogen peroxide solution a few inches away to avoid soaking the wood. Use non abrasive sponge to scrub the surface to avoid breaking the surface and then rinse with lukewarm water, also should dry wooden objects.

When you want to remove molds from old books, you can use a soft cloth with hydrogen peroxide and dab it over the moldy spots. Use another cloth to remove hydrogen peroxide with water. Leave the book to dry.

When you want to remove molds on clothes and other fabrics, you can add one half hydrogen peroxide to load and set washing machine to hot mode. Do not pop clothes in the dryer but leave them out to dry in the sun.

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